The Shadow Books

Between Shadow’s Eyes:  What if your dog could see ghosts?  What if, when you placed your index and middle finger in the space between your pet’s eyes, you could see spirits, too?

In Between Shadow’s Eyes, sixteen-year-old Sarah Whitman adopts Shadow, a border collie mix, after the death of her father.  Things are going as planned and Sarah remains determined to follow the ten Game Plan Rules her father devised to help her stay out of foster care, until Sarah’s dog develops a mysterious barking problem.  When neighborhood complaints against Shadow escalate to the point that a visit by an animal control officer is imminent, Sarah violates Dad’s rules and reaches out to an animal behaviorist, Dr. Claudia Griffin.  This move only further complicates Sarah’s life when Sarah discovers she has inadvertently stepped into a ghostly feud that has been brewing since Dr. Griffin’s prom night over a decade ago.

From Shadow’s Perspective:  This second book picks up almost six months later.  Sarah Whitman wants the court to grant her emancipation so that she can move back into her own home and away from her nemesis, Margaret, the granddaughter of her guardian.  Even as Sarah tries to make the most of her senior year at her new high school by following her father’s twelve Relationship Rules, Margaret thwarts Sarah’s every attempt at making new friends—as does the ghost of her father who repeatedly appears and interferes with Sarah’s every attempt to befriend, Kyle, her high school crush. Margaret’s shenanigans get worse when Paul, Margaret’s boyfriend, takes a liking to Sarah.

Sarah’s dog, Shadow, further complicates her life.  When Sarah places her fingers in the space between Shadow’s eyes, she can see ghosts.  So when Sarah brings Shadow to school and she spots a toddler ghost boy in her art classroom, she unwittingly steps into the crosshairs of the child’s murderer.